Published on 2020-12-21 by pepe


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Dry month

For more than ten years, I abstain from the alcohol for the first month of the year (formerly known as January). I have the family predispositions for losing it to alcohol, and that is never pretty.

The last couple of years, I have spent this surplus time on various personal and work projects. But this year I have another goal in mind.

Enter Janetuary

As you can guess the name of this post and the month from now on, is the play at the Janet programming language name.

So what is on my mind, you can ask? Well, I would love to spend most of my time by the computer to develop, document and just care for the Janet language. There will be more post like this one, I would like to make stream with examples of the day to day usage of Janet in my desktop setup, consolidate my personal project in Janet, help others with their project be it docs or coding, add one example to the beautiful Janetdocs project, be on Gitter channel for others to help and some more.

What is the reason?

Right now, I can tell you only that there will be another post, when Janetuary starts, where I will shine more light on this resolution from another point of view.

Do you like it?

Go and help Janet development and share. There won't be any prizes, GH tags or such things. But you can find something more.

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